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Lineage II – A forgotten gem? Maybe.. But probably only if you play on a private server.

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And it very well could be worth your time to check it out.

Check back for my thoughts on Lineage II and what you might be missing as an “Old School” MMO fan.

[Update 1] Since there is an absence of any new(ish) english speaking reviews or playthroughs of Lineage II, I’m in the process of putting together a video review of Lineage II in it’s more commonly played form (emulated, private server). I’m going to show why most players have moved away from NCSoft servers in favor of progression locked, earlier “Chronicles” (or expansions). First, we’ll take a peek at the F2P model then head over to the emulated servers.

Wait until you see the dismal state of affairs the “official” servers are in..

Just… Wow.

[Update 2] Putting this on hold for about 2 weeks. Got some other stuff that came down the chute. “No time for love Dr. Jones”