About Demious3D

Thanks for your patience while I transition over to WordPress! Not all sections have content quite yet.

Stuff I blog about…

– Reviews (from an “old schooler”)
– Current trends
– Waxing nostalgic about “the good ‘ole days” ..and then..
– Separating nostalgia from good practices
– Why it’s time for a change…


3D Modeling/Texturing:
– Workflow tips (UV layouts, edgeflow, PBR, etc.)
– Software specific topics
– Miscellaneous  commentary about random 3D stuff
– My current projects
– NURBS and how I wish I didn’t need to use them

MMOIcon128pxGame Development:
– Game development stuff from a 3D artist POV
– 3D pipeline tips and info for game engines
– Programming / Visual scripting (very small doses)
– Griping about programming


  • Whatever really. It’s a pretty important part of my life so if there’s something I think is worthy of posting, I’ll post it.
  • Diet (keto FTW)
  • Weights (I do even lift, bro)
  • Cardio stuff (“And for no particular reason, I kept run-nin”)


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